Wednesday, August 20, 2008

4 Birthdays and a Wedding

In the next three weeks I will be celebrating 4 birthdays (one is mine:) and a wedding, so it is gift shopping season. I wanted something special for my friend who will be 50 and the couple getting married, so the usual gifts of wine, tickets, or iTunes cards just did not fit the bill. Since personalized gifts take time, from the shopping to the actual delivery, I started researching on Google with the only parameters being "wedding present" or "birthday present". Unfortunately over 500,000 results came up with everything under the sun from Tiffany to singing Toucans. Fortunately I narrowed down my search by deciding that a personalized flask would be a great gift for my friend's 50th birthday, since he loves to eat and drink; I thought this way he can drink what he likes when he likes.

Wholesale Favors
offers everything from bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts to prom gifts at a discount; the best part is they will personalize all their products free. Whether you are searching for the perfect pen for a graduate, or a cake server for a wedding, they carry it (along with personalized ID tags for your pets). I found something for the couple getting married here, and I considered getting more than one of the birthday presents here, but I like to spread around my shopping dollars:) They have a great customer service option that allows you to tell them when you need your gift so they can ship accordingly.

The hardest birthday present to shop for is actually the one for myself, so to all my friends, if you wish to give me a present, please just make a donation to one of my favorite charities (listed at the bottom of this blog) and that would make my wishes come true.

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