Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lake Shrine

There is a hidden treasure on Sunset Blvd. far from the stretches of multimedia billboards that line the Sunset Strip. Hard to find, and only open until 4:30 pm most days (and closed on rainy days), it is like Brigadoon; you must be lucky and/or willing to find it. The Lake Shrine was dedicated by Paramahansa Yogananda in 1950, and is a ten acre garden that welcomes all faiths in the spirit of peace. There are swans and ducks, beautiful trees and flowers, a small meditation barge on the lake, and even a Gandhi Peace Memorial on the property. It is my favorite secret treasure in Los Angeles; my favorite secret place within this treasure is under the huge tree on the alternate path to the right of the gift shop. There are meditations and services at the Self-Realization Temple directly above the shrine if you are so inclined, but I love just breathing in the air of a sanctuary built with love to promote peace.

They say peace begins with you; the Lake Shrine is the perfect place to create your peaceful world.

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