Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wise Words

I admit I'm a bit of a word nerd; I love dictionaries and ever since grammar school, I have been known to actually read them just for fun (I warned you; I'm a nerd). I recently bought a very large, very heavy French-English Larousse Advanced Dictionary with 400,000 translations that I love. It's the kind of reference book usually found in libraries; weighing in at about 5 pounds with a 3 inch spine, this volume will need a sturdy bookshelf.

As much as I love my heavy duty dictionary, I also love the Franklin pocket sized electronic dictionary my friend Allison gave me, which has definitions for 100,000 words and 500,000 synonyms. They make versions that offer translations as well as definitions for travelers who want a personal translator for their trip. For people with specialized needs, they also have versions with medical definitions and test preparations so students can study on the go. Word games are included, so you can sharpen your word skills, and they even offer personal organizers so one unit can multi-task for you. You will never misspell a task again!

Words can be used to create wonderful novels, plays, articles, and blogs, so use them wisely.

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