Friday, August 8, 2008

A Better Way to Read

Yesterday's post on dictionaries and the compact electronic versions inspired me to write about today's subject, the Kindle. If you haven't heard of it or own it yet, you probably will soon, especially if you are an avid reader. The Kindle is truly a better way to read, and it will pay for itself if you buy 10 or more hardback books a year.

Imagine over 200 books, 350 blogs, national and international newspapers all available with no monthly fee, no WiFi hotspot required, and no cables or computer. The Kindle is to books what the iPod is to music. You can download hundreds of thousands of titles all for only $9.99 each onto a screen that looks like paper, and the entire unit weighs only 10.3 ounces and is thinner than most paperbacks! So now instead of hauling all your books with you in your suitcase, you can carry the Kindle and read news, novels, and blogs everywhere you go. The connection is based on the same technology as wireless phones, so there is no worry about trying to get a signal in an airport or taxi.

The Kindle has some features that regular paper books don't have, like instant dictionary access for any unknown words, and adjustable text size (for those of us who need reading glasses but are too vain to wear them). The best part is the long battery life which allows you to read for a week before you need to recharge (and a full recharge only requires 2 hours).

Now if someone can invent a self-driving car, I can read while driving....

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