Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sofitel Inside and Out

When I lived in Northern California, I used to go to the Sofitel in Redwood City for drinks after work; the Sofitel is a beautiful hotel with live piano during happy hour and a very calming view of a lagoon from the large windows of the lobby. Because I lived nearby, this hotel was always a favorite gathering spot with co-workers for the inventive drinks and the delicious hors d'oeuvres. Because this is a member of a distinguished French chain of hotels, there is a European flair to the menus and the ambiance.

I remembered the Sofitel on my last trip to S.F. because there was a convention in town and no rooms were available at any of the major hotels; thankfully there were rooms at the Sofitel (it is located between Silicon Valley and S.F., about 10 miles south of SFO airport). Having never stayed here before, it was a pleasure to discover that the ambiance that I loved so much during Happy Hour in the lobby translated to marvelous rooms with an understated elegance. The rooms are spacious, light and airy, many with views of the lagoon. The beds are as comfortable as hotel beds can be, and the room service was punctual and professional. It was good to find everything inside the rooms as well done as everything outside the rooms.

It helped that there is a French General Manager who trained in Europe, but the entire staff during my stay was hospitable, courteous, and friendly. It's always good to find that the inside matches the outside, especially when it comes to hotels where you will be spending the night. If I had known how nice the rooms were I would have happily spent the night after happy hour.

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