Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Better Transportation

I recently drove 160 miles to San Diego, and after parking at my hotel, I was too exhausted to fight morning rush hour traffic, figure out directions, and try to find parking, so my friend Pel (who used to live in San Diego) told me to use the Trolley , she said, "Try it, you'll like it." She was right. For only $5, I rode all day, stopping directly at both Old Town and the Gaslamp district, not having to think twice about either how to get there or where to park. Parking alone at either tourist destination would have easily cost me more than my ticket, and the beauty of a trolley is that traffic stops for the trolley so it is usually faster than driving.

Everything was pretty self-explanatory from buying the tickets to understanding the transfers; I only got lost once, but other riders showed me where to transfer lines at the 12th street station. Service on non peak hours are every 15 minutes (7 minutes during rush hour) and the trolleys are clean, quiet, and cool. In all the years I have been going to San Diego (about 30 years...yikes!) I never tried the trolley and now I will probably never drive there again, especially after I found that the Orange line stop at the Gaslamp district is directly in front of Nobu! My favorite line is the Blue line which begins and ends at Old Town and the San Ysidro border; you can literally walk across the border, get on the trolley, and be back in Old Town in about 20 minutes!

Since I was down in San Diego, I wasn't worried about any medical care I might need, but if I was traveling further down into Mexico, I would be concerned about wanting to come back to the US for urgent medical care, except for dental which is wonderful at Washington Dental, (see earlier post), so I would consider a medical jet service. Usually medical jet services cost between $10,000 to $75,000 to evacuate you to the hospital of your choice by jet, but if you travel abroad to exotic or rural locations, you can rest assured that you will be taken care of should a medical emergency arrive with Medjet. For an annual fee of only $175 domestically or $225 internationally, Medjet Assist is an insurance program that you can buy just for one trip or for a year depending on your travel plans and your needs.

Better transportation should be easy, comfortable, less expensive, and practical, both the San Diego Trolley and Medjet Assist fulfill all the criteria. Now to find a pair of shoes that fulfill all those same criteria...

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