Thursday, August 14, 2008

Old Town New Things

Lacey's is a tiny boutique in Old Town San Diego which carries the most unusual jewelry and accessories from all over the world. They carry silver earrings, bracelets and necklaces from Mexico, colored gems from Thailand, Bali and India, and African bead work pieces. You will not find anything here duplicated in any mall store; the pieces are original either from the country of origin or created by Lacey herself in her studio. Her motto is "Friends don't let friends wear conservative jewelry"; my motto is, "Friends tell other friends about Lacey's." Whether your taste is ornate or intricate, you can find something you will love here somewhere between the skeleton Dia de los Muertos earrings and the lotus silver pendant.

Up the street right next to the Living Room Cafe with it's great outdoor patio under the trees, is an artist collective which sells handicrafts from Tibet, Nepal and Burma. (The collective is a bit hard to see/find, but just follow the narrow alley next to the Living Room Cafe and you will find a winding path with shops along the way.) Besides the beauty of the crafts, from hand thrown pottery to hand made wall hangings, is the motto of the collective which states that all profits after paying the bills, goes back to the artists. It is fair trade art, and it makes everything for sale even more attractive.

Finding new things in Old Town was fun; now on to find new places in the Gaslamp.

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