Monday, August 11, 2008

Traveling Lighter

Now that airline are charging for your luggage and making you wait as they screen the contents, it makes sense to ship and pack your bags the way you would any other package. One of my friends never travels with any luggage other than his carry-on (containing only a pillow and some snacks); he ships everything else via Fedex to his hotel, so he never has to hassle with either the latest airline security regulations or paying extra for any heavy bags. Since he has someone to help him pack, he requires nearly no preparation for his trips across country.

For those of us who don't have a Fedex account or an assistant to help us pack, there is the Flylite alternative; Flylite will not only send your bags to your destination, they will pack them for you too, preparing each suitcase for the activities and weather at your destination according to your needs and preferences. It's like having your personal closet delivered to any hotel in the U.S.; the interface is very straightforward and simple to use, so once you set up your preferences, one click will tell them to send "the usual" or "the winter" or "the vacation" suitcase to the destination of your choice.

Traveling lighter has always made sense, now you can travel with sense and no luggage.

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