Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Above Water

I have crewed on large sailboats (one raced in the America's Cup, but did not win), but I get horribly seasick (the the point where I pass out); I actually turned down a free trip as a crew member to Hawaii because I knew I would not survive the voyage with any semblance of dignity. Even though I love to scuba dive, I get sick almost every time, feeding the fish upon both my arrival and departure from the dive site.

My friends bought me a relief band "watch" that seems to work; it sends electrical pulses to my wrist at various intervals (you can choose the intensity). Maybe now I can finally get on a boat again without providing fish food. For those who either don't get seasick, or don't care about getting seasick, boats are great ways to travel, spend a vacation, or play on the water. Marine West is for those who love boats and all things nautical. If you own a boat, you already know this is the place to feed your addiction; if you know a boat owner, buy a gift certificate to Marine West and they will beam with joy. Whether you seek a simple light bulb for your running lights, or a piece for your engine, Marine West will have it or can order it for you. The fact that marine repair shops come to them for supplies speaks volumes about them.

And if you just want to keep your head above water, but not necessarily on a boat, they also sell life jackets!

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