Monday, September 1, 2008

Champagne Fest

After a week-end of weddings and birthday parties, I came home to find that it is time to reserve for the Wine House Champagne Fest; this is an event for anyone who loves champagne or wants to learn about champagne. It will be held Sunday November 2, 2008 at the Wine House.

You get to taste over 40 vintage and non-vintage champagnes for $75 and they have a Tete de Cuvee table (this is the best of the best, like tasting the cream on the top of an old fashioned bottle of milk) for an additional cost of $20 per taste. A better deal is to buy the VIP tickets for $125 which includes 3 Tete de Cuvee tastes and entry into the event an hour before everyone else can enter.

There will be nibbles from the related Upstairs2 restaurant and free valet parking. If you plan to attend, please designate a driver and reward him or her with a bottle bought at the event (at a discount) to make everyone bubble with joy.

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