Thursday, September 11, 2008

Zen Bakery

Zen Bakery is one of those places started in the health conscious 1970's which thrives as a rebel in the face of today's overly processed packages of chemical sweets. Zen Bakery was actually started in a monastery with the intention of making delicious and nutritious muffins, scones, cookies and fiber cakes. They have succeeded in providing both a tasty and a healthy alternative to the mass produced enriched flour, high fructose, and corn syrup laden products that pass as food offered in the chain megamarkets.

If you don't live near their Pico location, they distribute through Trader Joe's, so you can find their blueberry fiber cakes (like mini blueberry bran muffins super loaded with blueberries), oatmeal cranberry cookies, or apple cranberry bran muffins in a location close to you. It speaks to their skill that their products all taste delicious (even to a 4 year old I know who ate two of them and asked for more) and are all flavored with only the most natural and pure of ingredients (they use fruit juice for sweetness).

Zen bakery products are good enough to make you silent with grateful meditation on their goodness.

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