Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wynning and Dining

As those of you who read this Blog know, my favorite hotel in Las Vegas is the Wynn. I just came back from a few nights there on the package deal I wrote about and tried a few new places.

Parasol Up is the bar at the top of the Lake of Dreams (which features free shows changing every half hour, nightly starting at 8pm). It does not offer the view of the shows like Parasol Down, but it is a beautiful bar across from the registration desk which serves premium wines and cocktails (at premium prices). I had a fruity Sancerre and enjoyed both the service and atmosphere even to disregard the price of the drink. Since Las Vegas is one of the last bastions of smokers, you may also order a cigar from the Dominican Republic (they have a full page of cigar offerings) and enjoy it with your snifter of Louis XIV if you are so inclined.

The SW Steakhouse is directly opposite the Lake of Dreams, so you get a nice show to go along with your dinner facing the huge waterfall and forest of trees around the lake. The showstopper here is the food; from the appetizers of yellow tail and toro carpaccio tower, or the prosciutto and asparagus, to their famous steaks, everything here is delicious. The only thing to note here is that they do serve their meat for American tastes, so ordering your meat rare means it is warm not cold in the center, so if you are not American (or love truly rare meat like I do) make sure that your server knows how you want your meat cooked.

Ah, a nice glass of wine, a gourmet dinner and a free show at the Wynn; the only thing better is to win enough to pay for it all!

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