Friday, September 12, 2008

Hawaiian Know How

Psssst! Wanna live like an Hawaiian? If you want to spend a month or more in Oahu, you owe it to yourself to contact Glynnis Rissmiller for a long term (or vacation) rental. She will set you up in the kind of place a native would rent. You can see what the current offerings are on her website. The best connection you can have is one where the agent actually lives on the island, and Gylnnis lives on, works on, and loves her adopted home.

If you want to live like a native on another island or for a shorter stay, then try VRBO which has every Hawaiian (and other) destination for rent by owners with detailed pictures and descriptions of the properties. It's always better to have your own kitchen and living area (called a suite in hotel terms), even if you don't use them; it's like having extra closet space (does that really exist?), having the option of more and than you will use is always better than not having enough.

If you decide you want to become a native, Glynnis can help you purchase a property so you will automatically know someone when you move in, and it's always best to ask a local for the inside scoop.

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  1. agree! Glyniss is an awesome lady and her aloha spirit will make you feel right at home.She fixed me up with a beautiful stay at Sunset Shores, a condo on the ocean on the North Shore. You can see the whales jumping in the water in winter from the living room.