Saturday, September 13, 2008

Flowers from the Heart

Very few things in the world make me smile like flowers; they are one of the creations which remind me that doing is not as important as being. I have had the fortune to have people who love me send me beautiful bouquets of my favorite flowers, red roses; I know it's a classic, but I am a classic too (not quite as old as a Shelby, but close). My favorite Florist is Santa Monica Florist because their flowers always last and they are happy to help make other people happy with flowers; they once gave us free flowers for our professors because we were buying flowers for our classmates.

Sometimes the flowers are sent in sympathy (thank-you Dar), sometimes they are sent in celebration of a great memory (thank-you Cindy & Tiger), sometimes they are sent as an apology (no name here as it was his faux pas, not mine), and in the best of times, they are sent simply in love (thank-you Mark).

If flowers can do it, so can we; we can simply exist and by our very existence, we give people pleasure and happiness.

No matter the reason or the season, flowers are always beautiful, and it is a beautiful world because of the people that flower it.


  1. Love this! Your very welcome....

  2. I'm glad they make you so happy. You deserve to be.