Monday, September 22, 2008

Below Water

Many many moons ago I learned how to scuba dive in Moorea, French Polynesia, so I was spoiled by clear visibility of about 80 feet, warm water with no need for a bodysuit, and a scuba instructor (whom I dated) who allowed me to dive even though I did not know how to swim (I have learned how to swim since then).

If you are not already certified, then maybe you would like to learn. If you are certified, maybe you need to renew your PADI certification. Maybe you would like to help clean up the area by the Santa Monica Pier. Maybe you would like the latest underwater equipment, books, or toys. The best way to satisfy any of those needs or desires is to head over to Eco Divers. They are the best scuba shop in the Los Angeles area and provide knowledgeable service and education; the fact that the huge chain Sports Chalet refers divers to Eco Divers for specialty equipment is one of the best testaments to their expertise.

Learn to dive so you can see our oceans while there is still live coral (you can experience what Nemo did outside his fish tank); better yet, learn how to dive so you can help clean up our underwater world so there will be fish and coral for our future life above water.

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