Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Landmark Theatres

I recently went to one of my favorite movie theaters, the Landmark in the Westside Pavillion. The Landmark specializes in small independent and foreign films, and they even hold screenings where the directors and actors come to answer questions about their films. This is a cinephile's dream movie house with offerings from Caramel (a wonderful film from Lebannon) to Roman de Gare (from Roman Polanski). There are usually displays of props from the various movies being shown in the lobby, and the stand alone concession stand offers non movie goers gourmet snack food including La Brea pretzels, Pizza Rustica whole grain pizza, 70% cocoa bars, and popcorn made with real butter.

Special movie nights are offered for adults which add the unique experience of being able to bring in a glass of wine from the adjacent wine bar (at a discount) to your screening. My favorite part of this complex are the two Living Room theaters which offer cushy couches and side tables (for your wine glasses and snacks); it is the closest thing to feeling like you are watching a movie in your own private screening room that you can have in public.

A movie in a Living Room theater with a glass of all we need is a baguette and some cheese.

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