Wednesday, January 28, 2009

3 Free Business Stores

Since yesterday's post was all about setting up your own business, today's post is all about how to get PAID once you decide what you want to sell or service.

For anyone who has ever shopped on eBay or any other online merchant, you probably already know about Paypal. However there are some products or services that don't work well with paypal or are simply prohibitively expense on the paypal system. If you want to sell a download of a music lesson, how would you use paypal? For anyone who sells digital downloads or tangible products, E-junkie may be a better solution. E-Junkie does not charge for bandwidth or transactions, only for number of products listed (10 products costs $5), and they are flexible on what constitutes a product; a different size or color is a variant, not another product. They are also flexible on how you price your items; you can choose a fixed price or allow the buyer to set their own price. All you do is copy the html from their site to set up your payment.

For those who are more service oriented (or who simply want another less expensive way), try SHOPIT. This is a way to create your own ebay or yahoo store without having to pay for a listing fee. Their service is FREE and you can set up the widget on facebook or myspace (or use html) to sell to your network of friends. They allow you create your own store, post your widget anywhere, and collect your money through several well-known payment options like google checkout and paypal, but they also offer a FREE payment option through Revolution MoneyExchange.

Are you creative and want to sell your custom designs on products? Then Zazzle is the way to go. Instead of having to buy products and pay to put your designs on them, Zazzle will do it all for you for FREE. All you do is create a unique design and they will put your designs on anything from skateboards to t-shirts. They do all the printing and shipping once an order is received and you even decide what price and percentage you want for your talent. The more you spread the word and refer people to Zazzle, the more you can make since they maintain your online storefront FREE. You pay nothing upfront and once your designed products sell, they send you a check, so you risk nothing and have everything to gain.

Free shops, what a great way to start a business!

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