Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Walk the Marina

Does having something beautiful, fun, easy, good for you, and free to do, sound like an impossible combination? A walk around the Marina is the answer to all of the above, and it's got the added advantage of being local.

Marina Del Rey is home to multi-million dollar homes and boats, but you don't have to sail or live there to enjoy the scenery. The Visitors Bureau has walking tour maps which you can download, or you can stop by their office and they will give you one. Choices include a waterfront walk, a wetlands walk, a beachfront walk, or a Marina peninsula walk with views of the main channel.

So many people are living in snow and cold weather right now (New York's forecast temperature today is 34 degrees with snow), so go out and enjoy living in the mild winter of Southern California by taking a walk and basking in the warm (65 degrees forecast for today) sun!

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