Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Scarleteen Education for Teenagers

If you or your teenager needs to get information about anything sexual, where do you go? If you do a search online, you will probably end up at a porn site which wants to sell you a membership or a product.

Heather Corinna founded Scarleteen, and with the help of a few volunteers, is now serving about 25,000 young teens and adults worldwide in their quest for straightforward information about their bodies, their relationships, and their sexuality. Scarleteen and its' content has been lauded by such organizations as UNICEF, Planned Parenthood, the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals, Family Health International, the International Association for Adolescent Health, and the Boston Women's Health Collective.

The truly remarkable fact about Scarleteen is that they don't have a big organization behind them or any public funding, nor have they ever run any advertising anywhere, although they do have a place on their site where they will accept funding from the public to continue their work if you would like to contribute.

If you got your sexual education through your friends, you know how distorted their information can be (like the old game of telephone, the message is never the same at the end as it was in the beginning). If you got your lessons from adults who did not shame or chastise you for asking, you were very lucky; please pass on your luck to others by using Scarleteen or donating to it.

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