Wednesday, January 21, 2009

O Bellagio Deal

I grew up in New York and I went to see Broadway shows as class field trips, so I am spoiled when it comes to seeing live theater; even the shows in Los Angeles disappoint me because most employ well known film actors, who are not necessarily proficient onstage in front of a live audience where retakes are not possible. I gave up on live shows in the West until I saw "O" at the Bellagio. I loved it so much that I did not want to see it again because I thought the show was perfect and I did not want to tempt fate. If heaven exists, "O" is how I would like heaven to be.

Because the hotels in Las Vegas are all struggling to fill rooms and seats, the Bellagio is offering a package of two tickets to "O" along with a room starting at $347; normally tickets alone are $100-$150 per seat, so this deal is like getting the room for buying two tickets to the show.

With their famous fountains and beautiful flower atrium, not to mention the glass blown flowers covering the lobby ceiling, the Bellagio may well be a facsimile of the garden of Eden, a heavenly place to see a fabulous show.

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