Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Free Crab at A & W Dim Sum

Yes, you read the title of today's post correctly. I am writing about a place named A&W (no, it is not the fast food chain) which serves Dim Sum (until 3pm every day). Aside from the fact that they are the only place to get really good Dim Sum in the San Fernando Valley (three locations), they also serve very good Chinese food, including BBQ meat dishes, fresh live seafood, and they have a gelato, espresso, and boba tea bar adjacent to the main dining area of the recently remodeled Granada Hills location.

Their menu has dishes I would not expect to find in the heart of the Valley, including authentic Chinese choices of Peking Duck, roasted squab, and fried rice with salted fish and chicken. And yes, the taste is actually pretty good compared to the restaurants in Monterey Park and Downtown LA's Chinatown. The most wonderful part of the entire meal was the service with a smile and a "no problem" attitude, a rare find in the Chinese restaurants in other parts of town.

Portions are very generous, so if there are only two of you, try to find one dinner dish to share or you will end up with food to take home for another meal, which is not a bad idea. A better idea is to go with friends so you can taste several dishes, and if your total dining bill (in house) is $100 or more, they will give you a FREE order of fresh crab!

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