Thursday, January 29, 2009

Crumbs Bakery

Just down the street from the famous Sprinkles on little Santa Monica Blvd., is the Crumbs Bake Shop, which also serves up scrumptious cupcakes. I actually prefer the Crumbs cakes because I find them more moist, tender, and they have that added bonus of reminding me of the cupcakes I ate as a child in New York (I did not know until I saw their website that the bakery actually originated in New York, which my taste buds told me before my eyes did).

For anyone nostalgic for Hostess cupcakes but wanting one made from scratch with love (instead of chemicals), go to Crumbs and get their version (complete with the white swiggle of frosting on top); if you prefer a Twinkie, they have a cupcake version of that famous treat also. For those who want a more adult cupcake (is there such a thing?), they also have caramel apple, red velvet, coconut, s'mores, and a cappuccino versions.

For early morning customers, they carry a wide array of strudels, croissants, scones, and muffins to go with your morning coffee; you will want to savor every last crumb.

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