Thursday, January 8, 2009

Shop It To Me

My friend Wendy invited me to look over the shopping site Shop It To Me. After signing up (it's free) and looking through their emailed deals, I am happy to pass the info on to all of you that this is indeed worthy of the 3 minutes it takes to join. Discounts range from about 20%-70% off designer brands ranging from Armani to Nicole Miller, and name brands like Guess and Levi's.

My favorite feature of the site is the customization to your size and taste (this is also the part that takes the three minutes in the sign up process). You choose your size ranges, your articles of clothing, and your preferred brands; once you fill out your preferences, the sale items are categorized for you and emails with the deals will be sent out accordingly. You can even customize the days of the week you wish to receive notifications. It's like having a personal sales shopper bringing you samples to look at every week, all as a free service.

Shopping means never having to buy, but you if you find a deal too good to resist, you may have to buy.

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