Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Angels in Waiting

~We Are All Angels With Only One Wing And We Can Only Fly By Embracing One Another ~

The foundation Angels in Waiting was created to provide care for medically fragile preemies, infants and children. Linda Conforti is a nurse who started to care for these precious beings in her home; she quickly saw that she could not take care of every one who needed care and began a foundation to bring them into residences with licensed and registered nurses who would provide medical care for them as their foster parents. Linda has a deep understanding of what is needed and knows how this foundation can impact and change countless childhoods across America.

Angels in Waiting has been given a top placement on Global Giving, the world's largest online philanthropy and donation site. One of Global Giving’s criteria to obtain a permanent position on their site is to have 75 unique donors donating to Angels in Waiting by November 21, or they will lose this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Donate (even $10 would be greatly appreciated) to help Linda in achieving her goal to save countless childhoods; we will all fly higher when we embrace one another.

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