Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wow Hotels

Would you like to stay in an igloo? How about a railway car or a Wigwam? Perhaps a converted library or monastery is more your style. For those of us who love the unusual, there is Unusual Hotels of the World. You can stay in an underground cave, a floating boat, a tree house, a castle, a prison, a plane, or an ice hotel.

You can choose your hotel based on the wow factor, for creative and artistic merit, the sheer outrageousness, or the location or type of trip you desire; impress your partner with a romantic fantasy trip where you stay in an art gallery or a tree house in a rainforest. Staying in a church or a bullring will make your vacation memorable even if you do nothing else during your entire stay.

You may choose according to location, price, type of destrination, or wow factor, so decide what is most important to you, and choose wsiely.

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  1. There is an equivalent of the "Unusual Hotels of the World" but for monasteries and convents in Italy. Staying in one isn't that easy as I discovered earlier this year with faxing and emailing and trying to speak Italian. Thank goodness I found www.monasterystays.com which has hundreds of really interesting places (and some boring looking one too) but they make it easy to book. I'm going next year now our dollar has tanked but I'd recommend checking it out.