Saturday, November 15, 2008

Do You Hulu?

For those of us who are not complete couch potatoes, but who also love to watch certain shows, there are several options. Most people these days subscribe to either their local cable or satellite DVR service or use the ubiquitous TiVo. But what if you are in between the old technology of VHS and awaiting to buy your own DVR when the prices go down under $300? Now you no longer have to use your old VCR or pay for a subscription with your cable company to use their DVR.

The solution I use is Hulu; and yes, it is all perfectly legal and FREE. Hulu has most of the popular shows online, from Jon Stewart's Daily Show (and of course the related Colbert Report), to Burn Notice and Lipstick Jungle. They even have classic shows like the Mary Tyler Moore Show and Lost In Space for those of us who feel nostalgic. For kids there is Sesame Street and movies like Liar Liar. Oh, yes, you read that correctly, they also have FREE streaming movies! Full episodes or clips can be sorted by most popular, latest air date, or most highly rated, so if you missed last night's episode, you can watch it here with limited commercials (you can even rate the commercials). An hour show is about 40 minutes on Hulu, so sometimes I actually prefer to watch on Hulu than at the regularly scheduled time (shows are usually available the day after they air).

No matter what your tastes, if there is nothing you want to watch on TV right now, there is probably something you want to watch on Hulu; even if you are just looking for a recipe from Giada on what to cook tonight.

Just be careful that you don't become a computer chair potato.

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