Thursday, November 6, 2008

Berry Sweet

Berry Sweet's motto is "Making life a little sweeter..." and the moment I inhaled the plumeria scent, I knew I was in for sensual pleasures. Their products range from solid perfume, shampoo and travel massage bars, to cuticle balms which double as eyebrow tamers. They make a boo-boo balm that is good for pimples, cuts, bug bites, and scratches, and it's a product that you can even use on your canine friends (but not feline ones).

Besides the great products, I love that this company was created by a new mom who sought to make a living at home while raising her children. All the products are made with the highest quality ingredients with a minimal amount of any synthetic stabilizers, and none are ever tested on animals. This is a truly small personal business; products are tested on family first and none are offered for sale unless they pass the family's scrutiny.

The headquarters is in Honolulu, and Berry Sweet says that they put the "Ahhh" in Aloha; once you sink into a tub of their Plumeria bath salts, you will probably agree.

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