Sunday, November 16, 2008

Foreign Words or Just Photos

It is inspiring to learn that people around the world all have common bonds, whether through spoken, written, emotional, or visual links. Because I write my blog in English, many of my French speaking friends can't understand my posts, so today's post offers both a multilingual international news source and a photo blog.

Seeing the vision of the world through the other people's eyes is always educational, so here is the link to a multilingual international news site France 24, which features stories about people and places around the globe (when was the last time you saw or read anything from an American news source about anyone or anyplace outside the U.S.?), and a link to a photo blog where there is no need to read (the captions are in French). Reading or looking at the perspectives of people who live a continent away only shows us how we are all citizens of the same world, just living in different neighborhoods.

Let's find more links that bring us together.

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