Friday, November 7, 2008

Tahiti Souvenirs

With the prices of airfares and hotels so high (even with deeply discounted end of the year prices), many people are postponing or shortening their travel plans. Even if we have a trip planned for next year, how do we give ourselves a boost now? With Winter approaching and the chill and gray encroaching, we can all afford to at least look at pictures of the warm tropical places we love. With the holidays around the corner, buying a few calendars can serve the dual purposes of warming your own heart and sharing that warmth with others.

Pacific Promotion offers calendars full of beautiful photographs of all the islands of Tahiti (and of the women if you prefer to look at people rather than scenery). I have been ordering the wall calendars for years because every month is another reminder of the clear waters, green mountains, and white sands of French Polynesia. One of the reasons these are my favorite calendars is that all the days and holidays of Tahiti are noted in English, French, and Tahitian. I recently got a mini pocket agenda, so now I can carry Tahiti with me in my purse. If you prefer other souvenirs, they also offer stationary, posters, coasters, postcards, screen savers, and video.

If you want to give these as gifts, be sure you allow plenty of time; my last purchase took over a month to arrive. All good things are worth waiting for, but if you plan a bit in advance, they will arrive when you need them.

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