Monday, November 24, 2008

Office Spaces with Childcare

If you work part-time out of a rented or shared office space, and you pay for childcare while you are at work, you might want to make your life a little easier (and less expensive) with the Cubes and Crayons solution.

Cubes and crayons was created by a new Mom (who else?) who wanted to spend as much time as possible with her new child with as little distance as possible between her work and her childcare facility. It's the next best thing to working from home; all the offices have built in WiFi access, a conference room, lounge, and library of business resources; all the childcare facilities are in the same building, with art, reading, games, and a host of other activities for the kids. The cost of $600 a month for 40 hours of use includes both the office space and childcare, so you save hundreds of dollars a month, not to mention saving your time and peace of mind.

So far they only have one campus open at Menlo Park, in Northern California, but they are opening one in San Francisco, and another in Boston, so if you want one in your area, contact them.

Growing a business while enjoying your children's growth is a combination worth supporting.

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