Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pandora's Box of Music

How would you like your own free personalized internet radio station? Pandora's Box does that with very simple questions, like what artist or song do you like? Once you type in your response, the system will automatically find similar song qualities and allow you to select what you want played on your new station!

Pandora's box grew out of the Music Genome Project®. The project analyzed 400 distinct musical qualities to capture the musical identity of of song and help define why listeners may like certain characteristics. This project was started by musicians and those who love music, (about 70% of the 60,000 artists currently featured on Pandora are independent musicians) and they continue to enhance and evolve as they add new music of every genre to the project.

It is like Apple's new Genius application for your iTunes library or your iPod; Genius figures out what you like to listen to and then suggests songs for you to purchase. The twist at Pandora's Box is that you create your internet station for free! If you have a mobile phone on either the AT&T (the application is included on the iPhone) or Sprint network, you can even listen to your internet station on your phone!

The name Pandora means "all gifted" in Greek and that seems to be a fitting name for a service which provides the gift of free music from talented independent musicians to us all.

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