Thursday, November 13, 2008

Local Turkey & Stuff

For people who like to plan ahead (like me) for Thanksgiving, this is the time to start ordering the turkey. You can always go to your local mega market and pick up a frozen hormone and antibiotic ridden version, but if you care about the health and taste of the food you ingest, buy your pastured, Heritage, organic bird from Local Harvest. Not only do they specialize in locally farmed products, but they offer great deals for the other Thanksgiving dinner fixings like nuts, cranberries, eggs, cheese, herbs, chocolates, and even the flowers for your table. Even if you just want to get some gifts for the holidays, you can shop here for soaps, books, teas and coffees, fibers like alpaca wool (to knit), and even pet food.

You can choose to shop from your zip code so you get only the suppliers who are near you (diminishing your carbon footprint by buying less food that is flown in from across the country or from another Continent). If you want to lessen your carbon footprint even more, Local Harvest also has a list of your local farmer's markets, co-ops, and grocery stores which stock local produce and meat. If you don't cook, you can check out the restaurants that serve food from local suppliers. For those who truly want a local food experience, buy some seeds from Local Harvest and grow your food at home; that is about as local as you can get!

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