Thursday, October 30, 2008

Angels, Sheep, and Penguins

I love candles and have several throughout my home; they give off a soft glow and fragrance that warms both the space and my heart when I see the flickering flame. Finding good candles is like finding good candy; you want to get every flavor, size and color. I found there is a candle that smells of angel food cake made by Illume which also benefits Project Angel Food. For only $45, you can help get meals delivered to home-bound or disabled people affected with serious illnesses. You can literally light up someone's life with a candle!

For only $50, you can purchase a sheep for men and women living in poverty around the world; other dollar amounts provide other animals, like camels or cows, and one animal can help a family make a living (off the wool or milk), so this is truly a "living" gift. If you would prefer, you can also donate 500 trees or an entire forest! Oxfam America Unwrapped, takes care of the delivery and you can even make a donation on behalf of someone.

For those who love animals and want to help them survive in our often cruel human world, you can help raise a bear cub or clean up an oil-slicked penguin with a donation to Animal Gift. They rescue animals that have been abandoned or lost due to natural disasters like hurricanes, and they also raise awareness about baby seals and elephants being killed or poached in their natural habitats.

Who knew angels, sheep and penguins had so many friends in common?

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