Friday, October 3, 2008

Pennies for Cole Haan

Common Cents is a charity started by kids to help feed the homeless. By collecting pennies, they raised over $700,000 last year (about 200 tons) and they use the money to give out grants to fulfill a variety of needs with local communities; the kids decide how much and to whom to give out the grants so the program helps them learn about both the needs of others, and the power they have to help transform the world for the better.

Cole Haan has partnered with Common Cents, offering a 20% discount on all their products with any penny donation (no minimum required) and they will match all donations (penny for penny) in all Cole Haan stores nationwide. It's a great way to save on shoes and handbags while donating to a worthy cause. Cole Haan's penny match shows the company does more than make comfortable shoes; they are making more comfortable lives for those who need shoes.

A penny may not buy a Cole Haan loafer, but it could help buy a loaf of bread for a hungry family.

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