Monday, October 6, 2008

Paris for Christmas

Because I live in Southern California, I miss wearing my warm sweaters, scarves and boots; going to a place with a cold winter is a nice change (of clothes and climes). Paris is one of my favorite cities in the Fall and Winter; it is a beautiful city even when it is filled with gray skies, wind, and cold air. I love to walk around in what feels like a a black and white Parisian postcard, from the skies and sidewalks to the buildings, all the shades of gray add to the classic beauty of this city. There is something very comforting about going inside a warm cafe for un chocolat chaud (hot chocolate) after being out in the crisp air; your breath slows as you savor the aromas and sounds of a cafe inviting you to take off your coat and linger for awhile.

C & H, one of the consolidators I wrote about in an earlier post, has a fare of $417 round trip from LAX to Paris on Air Tahiti Nui if you book by October 12th, and fly by December 31, 2008. Taxes and fees are not included, but you won't find a better price (I just checked the airline website and the current price is $921, so the C&H price is less than half the regular price).

Give yourself, or someone you love the gift of Paris for Christmas (literally); it's one present that fits anyone who has a passport and wants to use it.

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  1. I love Paris in the winter too! My flight to Paris was on Air Tahiti Nui, and they were great.