Thursday, October 16, 2008

Venice Beach Eco Cottages

Sometimes it is nice to getaway close to home (especially with the price of gas this year), so having a Fall or Winter beach holiday in Los Angeles in a cottage that is eco friendly can be the perfect antidote to relieve your "staycation" blues.

The Venice Beach Eco Cottages are just steps away from the beach and Abbot Kinney*. There are only three cottages, so reserve early for the style you prefer (each one has a different decor). What makes this place green? The solar panels atop each cottage, the energy star appliances (including a washer and dryer for longer stays), the 300 count organic linens, the recycled birdcage (now a chair), and the deck made of old milk jugs, all add to the green label.

With prices that start at about $250 per night, you don't have to spend all your greenbacks to be green.

*See my earlier post for more information.

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