Saturday, October 4, 2008


Mahilda is one of my favorite movies of all time because it is like a Harry Potter for girls; both were books before they became movies and both share a plot about an unusual child who possesses talents which annoy, aggravate, and amaze those who surround them.

Some of the greatest minds, hearts and souls are discounted, dismissed, ignored, and vilified when they try to enlighten and educate. Matilda and Harry both remind us that being different is sometimes best in an environment of ignorance, intolerance or fear.

I think everyone who grew up with "different" talents or interests can relate to these books and movies because all children feel isolated if they are not accepted or acknowledged for their skills and spirit, especially if they vary from the mainstream. I don't think any of Einstein's family or teachers gave him any accolades or even encouraged him to pursue his theories when they saw he could not tie his shoe laces. Inspiration rarely fits inside neat labels or boxes; there is no way to contain or quantify talent. Michelangelo was probably punished for drawing on walls as a child before creating his legendary frescoes; Jimi Hendrix was unable to read or write music, but he revolutionized music; and Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard even though he now has an honorary degree from the school.

Lighten the world by shining your best and brightest light everyday in every way.

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