Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The James Hotel

The James Hotel has the location, packages, and amenities of a world class boutique hotel in the heart of a cosmopolitan city (Chicago). It's the kind of place I love. Whatever package you want, they offer it (or can put it together for you) whether it's a girl's getaway, a proposal, a spa package, a bike tour, or a shopping trip.

I love free services, and they offer free WiFi, free 24 hour concierge, and free parking (reimbursement). You can adjust both the lighting and the temperature in your room and when you make your reservation, you can choose to reserve using their "carbon neutral" reservation system. The presence of a great on premise restaurant (Primehouse, which is renowned for their steaks), and attention to local events (they offer a special rate and package for participants in the October 12 Chicago marathon race), make them a balanced combination of global service and local awareness.

Chicago may not be on your list of go to cities, but if you happen to be in town for business, pleasure, or a layover, check into the James; you may not want to check out.

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