Sunday, October 5, 2008


Kurosawa's movie Dreams is a visual masterpiece; imagine seeing your dreams onscreen in all their disjointed, lyrical, and familiar pieces. Just as in life when dreams take on various aspects of our days and lives and combine them in strange and symbolic ways, the movie takes us on eight journeys (vignettes) which may or may not be related, but all of which feel real in some way to everyday thoughts or experiences.

There is a school of thought which posits that the feelings that you have in dreams are more important indicators of what they mean than the actions or characters in them; if this is true then feeling happy or angry in a dream tells you the truth about whatever happened in the dream. If you dream of a fight and awake angry, then your have some anger issues to resolve; if you awake happy after dreaming about a wonderful vacation, then you are on your way to living the happy life you dreamed about last night.

Maybe we can be constructive by setting an intention about where we would like insight or resolution in our lives when we go to sleep; perhaps the chance to dream will bring us an answer that we will be able to understand.

May your dreams be as beautiful as roses.

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