Sunday, October 12, 2008

Essential Oils

A smell can transport you to a person, place, or time. Probably more than any other sense, our sense of smell can provoke a visceral reaction to a memory; ideally, smell invokes a pleasant memory. Who would not like a reminder of the flowers in a garden where you played as a child, the trees in a forest where you hiked, or the fruit you ate freshly picked from a tree.

Aromatherapy is based on the premise that your health and moods can be uplifted, energized, and supported by plant and herb essential oils. Even if you don't totally subscribe to this theory, all of us like certain smells and we would all prefer to smell something we like throughout the course of our day.

The quality of essential oils ranges from the very diluted (some have more chemical than natural essences in them) to the very pure with pricing that varies as much for the packaging as for the quality of the oils. I like the Young Living essential oils because they are very pure, and because they are priced very reasonably (especially if you reorder). One of my favorite things about Young Living is that they blend oils to suit whatever application you seek, whether it is grounding and healing, or uplifting and energizing. No need to be a mad scientist and experiment on your own (unless you like doing that). My two favorite blends are Sacred Mountain and Sara; but they offer a chart and description for every oil and blend they make to suit your preferences.

Enjoy your favorite aroma and breathe deeply.

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