Friday, October 24, 2008

Breakfast Lunch Dinner at BLD

I had lunch with two of my best friends at BLD (a more casual version of the wonderful Grace restaurant a block away) and I have to say it would have been a perfect meal if we had another server. The service from the hostess to the busboy was perfect, but do not rely on your waitress (if her name is Sandy) to provide any condiments, refills or dessert menus unless you are a young male customer. The ambiance is simple and comfortable, especially if the weather is nice and you sit at one of the outdoor tables; avoid the interior during peak dining times unless you don't care about having a conversation with your table mates.

The menu is creative and tasty; whether you choose the grilled vegetable frittata with choice of bread or potatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil pesto; or a thinly sliced flatiron steak with poached eggs, cabernet sauvignon hollandaise, and house made english muffin; or a light nicoise salad with albacore tuna, fingerling potatoes, haricots verts, olives, spanish white anchovies, fried capers, egg, and red wine dijon vinaigrette. Dessert is as fabulously comforting as you wish, from the yellow cake with chocolate frosting and vanilla ice cream, to the crepe with nutella, banana and whipped cream, or a butterscotch pudding.

Parking is easy on busy Beverly Blvd with their valet, and prices are very reasonable (entrees run around $20, and good bottles of wine are priced under $50), so give BLD a try for your next Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner; just make sure you get an outdoor table with a good server.


  1. LOL!!! Now that is better then a bad tip. May I forward to the restaurant?

  2. Of course you may forward this post; all my posts are meant to be shared!