Friday, October 10, 2008

Wine Sources

Vinfolio offers inventory management and pricing comparisons to entice the novice or veteran wine connoisseur to shop, store, or ship through their service. They can help you develop your cellar, teach you about wine, give you access to a community of other collectors and connoisseurs, and best of all they do it all for free. The bloggers on this site keep you up to date on all things wine related from the latest in shipping regulation to the latest taste test results.

Winecommune is the Ebay of wine shopping; if you are searching for a specialty vineyard, vintage or varietal that you can't find locally, try searching here. They will even help you sell your wine (for a commission). The mechanics are nearly identical to ebay so if you already shop on ebay (and who doesn't these days?), winecommune is a breeze to use. Simply select the varietal or country and narrow down your search from there price wise or with keywords.

As Julia Child used to say, "Wine makes you happy." Go make yourself happy.

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