Wednesday, October 22, 2008

USB Cell

Imagine having your computer recharge your AA batteries so that you don't ever have to worry about losing a charge. USB Cell allows you plug your battery directly into your USB port! Moxia was named on Europe's 100 list as one of Europe's leading and hottest private Clean Technology companies in the Guardian/Library House Cleantech for their innovative way to recharge batteries. The usual "copper top" is a green cover which flips up so you can plug in the USB tip underneath the USB Cell "green top" into your computer.

The implications are not only green, but practical; you can recharge the batteries for your remote controls, your wireless game consoles, your photography equipment, or your speakers. Your options for how to recharge are also varied, from using your USB port, your monitor, your desktop, your game console, your keyboard, or a powered hub which allows multiple cell charging.

With USB Cell, not only will you save our planet by recharging your batteries, but you will be encouraging the development of products which help energize the world economy with new green technology.

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