Thursday, October 9, 2008

Drinks for 35 Cents

The Edison in downtown Los Angeles is a mix of classic and industrial decor in a building that was built in 1910 and used to house a power plant. Many of the original parts of the building are intact, including the tall ceilings, winding staircase, and original boiler room, all of which add to the ambiance that makes the Higgins Building a stunning destination.

Even more remarkable is their Thursday night special drink which sells for 35 cents (yes, you read that correctly, you can buy THREE drinks for $1.05, but if you do please call a taxi to go home). The price reflects the price of a drink in 1910 just like the atmosphere, and the special drinks are classics from the era, like a martini or old fashioned (no frou frou drinks from this era, although everything is available off the regular drink menu). There is also a happy hour Wednesdays-Saturdays with a 40% discount on old fashioned drinks.

There is of course upscale bar food to help absorb the drinks, live entertainment some nights, big screens with movies playing, and a pool table. They have a fairly strict dress code (no athletic wear no matter how expensive), and going to the Edison is one of those bright ideas that is best when you reserve in advance or you risk waiting in line for over an hour; you can move to the head of the line by simply calling or going online to make a reservation (up to 10 people) with a credit card guarantee (they will charge your card $50 if you don't show up).

The Edison is a bright spot in downtown Los Angeles.

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