Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tom's Shoes

As those of you who read my posts regularly know, I am addicted to shoes. Like Carrie Bradshaw, I prefer a high heel, but if I actually need to walk any distance (which is not often the car centric city of Los Angeles), I need flats. There is a company started by a man (!!!) named Blake which makes comfortable flats (some are even washable) that are actually cute.

I admit I have a high heel bias, but the best reasons to buy these flat shoes are: 1) they are inexpensive, and 2) for every pair you buy, Tom's will donate a pair to a child who needs shoes. Yes, you read that correctly, for EVERY pair they will donate a pair; they have donated over 60,000 pairs so far. It is one of the most inspiring and fun matching charities, and all you need to do is buy a pair of shoes!

As Tom's says, "Changing a life begins with a single step", so why not make that step in a comfortable cute shoe?

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  1. Hi Elaine!
    Thanks so much for posting about TOMS! I'd love to send you a little gift to show our appreciation. Will you email me your mailing address?

    Take care,