Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Swift Financial

In today's climate of credit market meltdowns and escalating costs, it is a breath of fresh air to find a bank which caters to small businesses and offers FREE services. Swift Financial is FDIC insured and they were recognized by J.D. Power for outstanding customer service, so you get the security of knowing that your money is safe and that any questions you have will be handled professionally; valuable commodities in today's banking environment.

Swift Financial is an online bank which offers free online banking, no transaction fees, and a free check scanner. The free check scanner alone is worth opening a business account with Swift; imagine being able to process your customer's checks without having to make a trip to the bank! You save gas and time by scanning checks at your business (even if your business is at home). Never again will you have to rush to the bank before they close; with a simple plug into your computer, you can make your deposits anytime (deposits will of course still post only during bank hours on banking days).

With so many of the brick and mortar banks in trouble, many of the online banks are thriving because they stayed away from the risky business of mortgages and CDO's; instead, they invested in the backbone of cash flow; the small businesses and savers who have gambled on their own products and services.

Everyone is learning about financial value and risk these days. Bring value to your business by saving time and money, and risk spending your time and attention on your customers; your long term dividends will surely bring you great rewards.

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