Tuesday, October 7, 2008


If you or your dog overheats, then you might want to check out the chillow. It's a cooler for your pillow that you fill with water (it absorbs into the material) and put inside your pillowcase. It does NOT need to be put into your refrigerator or freezer; you simply fill it and leave it in your pillowcase. It will gradually warm up to your body temperature as you sleep on it, but when it does, you can flip it over or put it aside for a few minutes to get a cool surface again.

This is great for pets with heavy fur coats (like big Saint Bernards who live in sunny Southern California) or for men who tend to overheat (with or without a furry coat on their bodies). This is also a great idea for women who are having problems sleeping with their hot flashes in the night; it's a cool alternative to freezing out your bed partner with the air conditioning set to 50 degrees (not to mention that it will save you money).

Think of the chillow as the yin to the yang of a hot water bottle.

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